Important to us

Hospitality in harmony with nature and environment

Since more than 30 years, the well-being of our guests is uppermost to us. With our personal engagement, we want to create an atmosphere, in which you can completely relax and enjoy the most precious days of the year.

The heart of our Hotel Adler is our restaurant with our fresh and seasonal cuisine, well-known all over the Black Forest. We are situated right in the nature park of the southern Black Forest. Thus it is our most important matter to present this countryside to our guests in the most various ways.

This means for us, as a founding member of the Naturpark restaurants, to do active nature conservation with knife and fork, favouring regional products, whenever available, and handle the hotel’s ressources with responsibility.

Naturpark restaurants

We are founding members of the Naturpark restaurants “Naturparkwirte”. In the nature park Südschwarzwald, hotel and restaurant owners have united in order to present their guests the fantastic nature experience of our region directly on the plate.

A Naturpark landlord offers at least three regional main meals all year. Regional means, the major ingredients for the meals come from the nature park. Where exactly the products come from, you can see in the menu – or simply ask our friendly staff.

The Naturpark landlords are profoundly connected to the countryside, their culture and tradition. They use local products out of conviction, as they know, that only with a close partnership between the producers, the restaurateurs and the customers, our unique Black Forest countryside can be preserved in the long run.


We are striving to improve our environmental performance more and more. It’s important to us to engage our members of staff actively in trainings and workshops.

There are only advantages for all

Enjoy the juicy meat of the local cows and deers. Be surprised by the taste of the original Black Forest ham. Taste the mild Bibilis cheese or the spicy alpine cheese and don’t miss on finishing the meal with a Black Forest schnapps.